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WordPress Setup Series | Plugin Installation

Welcome back!

Today’s post will be about entering the plugins that I use for setting up my Amazon Affiliate niche websites. The goal of these posts are to help others, and myself build sites that will help them toward moving to Tim Ferris’s The 4-Hour Workweek.

If you’ve followed our previous posts, you’ll have a website hosted on with a default WordPress setup. This post will cover installing plugins that are available through, as well as plugins that need to be uploaded from your local desktop.

The first thing that I do is clear out unused plugins. these include Askimet, mojo marketplace and hello dolly. My reasoning for dropping Askimet, is that there is a free anti spam plugin that meets my needs. If I find that in the future, that isn’t the case, I’ll investigate Askimet further. The same is true for mojo marketplace. While I use the mojo installer for WordPress, there are enough free themes that meet the needs of the niche website. The hello dolly plugin, offers nothing other than motivational thoughts. its not something I need to see when I login to my WordPress dashboard.

To remove a plugin, select the Plugins link on your dashboard, and select “Installed Plugins. ” If your plugin is running, you’ll first need to select Deactivate prior to selecting Delete. Once you select Delete, you’ll need to confirm the deletion by clicking the “Yes, Delete these files” button. Repeat for each Plugin that you want to remove.

Wordpress plugins

Next, you get to add the new plugins. The first type of plugins are those that are on the website. Most of the plugins that I use fall into this category. The first plugin that I install is the free anti-spam plugin by web webvitaly. I’m highly impressed with how well, this plugin blocks spam. To add this and the similar plugins, perform the following. Select “Add New” from either the dashboard, or the “Add New” button next to the Plugins header. Enter anti-spam in the text field and select “Search Plugins. Currently, this plugin is number 3 on the list, but that is subject to change. So, at the end of the description, look for the words “By webvitaly.” Under the plugin name, select “Install Now” and select “OK” to the pop-up. Once the installation is complete, Select “Activate” and the plugin is ready to start blocking spam comments.Repeat these steps for each of the following plugins: Advanced iFrame, All in one SEO pack, YouTube, Google Analytics, AdSense Now! and the missed wordpress schedule.

The next plugin type to install is one that is not currently loaded to the website. This is the wpzonbuilder plugin. To install this, you need to go to the WPZonBuilder website and follow the instructions to download and save the .zip file to your computer.

Wordpress install plugin

To do the install, you need to upload this zip file to your WordPress installation. this follows a similar process as earlier, except for one difference, instead of entering a name into the text box, you need to select “Upload” near the top of the screen. Next, you need to select the “Choose File” button and browse to where you saved the zip file. once you’ve highlighted the zip file, select choose. From there, Select “Install Now” and once installed press “Activate.”

The next posts will cover configuring the plugins, starting with all in one SEO and WPZonbuilder.

Thanks for stopping in and feel free to look around the site.

The plugins that I use are

  • Advanced iFrame
  • Anti-Spam
  • Google Analytics
  • all in one SEO
  • wpzonbuilder
  • WP missed schedule
  • Youtube

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Updated: March 23, 2014 — 2:48 pm
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