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WordPress setup series – bluehost setup

Welcome to the first post in the wordpress setup series for an Amazon affiliate niche site. This post will be focusing around the bluehost setup. bluehost setupWe’ll be covering from the point of assigning the domain a file system, and verifying that the site is working correctly and visible.


The first step is to log onto If you do not already have an account, feel free to click on the link and create an account. For full disclosure, the link is my affiliate account, so if you sign up through the link, I’ll get a small one time “Bounty.” With that out of the way, lets start building a site. For this post, I’ll assume that the domain name has already been secured.

The first thing that you will need to do is to select domain in the top tool bar.

bluehost setup

Select the Domains button on the toolbar

This will take you to the domain configuration page. After a few seconds, you’ll get a list of your domains in the lower left section. Next to your domain, in this case, you’ll see the words “Unassigned.” Select,   bluehost setup - mordtech.comUnassigned, and you’ll be directed to  the file system assignment page.


On the page, you have the choice to either use an existing folder or create a new one.bluehost setup - For this exercise, we’ll create a new filesystem. So, Select the radio button for “Create a new directory.” in the text field after public_html/, type a name for the folder.This can be the same as the domain, or different. I prefer to keep it the same. It will make it easier to keep track of in the future. After entering the folder name, press the “Assign this bluehost setup - mordtech.comdomain” button. After a minute or so, you should be redirected to the domain assignment page. bluehost setup - mordtech.comNext to your domain, you should now see “Addon” for the type.

The last thing to do is to check to see if the domain is visible on the internet. Depending on when you secured the domain name, it might take a bit of time; for the domain name to fully replicate through to the public DNS servers. Just check back a bit later, if it initially fails.

If things go well, you should see something along the likes of this. bluehost setup - mordtech.comBTW, disregard the new domain name. I forgot to get a screen shot of the website, prior to installing wordpress, for the next few posts.

So, for now, we have a working bluehost setup, that points to a landing page provided by If you’d like to be alerted, when the next post goes up, either follow me on twitter, or subscribe to this website.

Thanks for stopping by.
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