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VMware Horizon DAAS

VMware recently released their new Hybrid blend of the VMware Horizon, formally known as VDI, and the SAAS environments. This new product is named VMware Horizon DAAS. DAAS is the acronym for Desktop as a Service. VMware’s is a cloud based service, that allows companies that do not have the infrastructure needed to support a virtual desktop environment. Or, companies, that have calculate the total cost of ownership and came to the realization that it is as cheap to let VMware handle the infrastructure, support and backups for example.

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger introduces the VMware Horizon DAAS product in this Youtube video.


Once users get used to the concept of connecting to another machine to perform their day to day tasks. They will come to appreciate the ability to start a document at the office on their work machine. And after spending time with their family, they can finish that work at home, knowing that the document will be exactly VMware Horizon DaaS Featureswhere they left it.

Anther benefit of the VMware Horizon DAAS product , is that companies can size the virtual desktops to the needs of their user base. A user who is mainly generating office documents, does need the same level of performance of a user creating computer aided designs.

When calculating the TCO of the VMware Horizon DAAS product, businesses will also need to calculate the cost of lower hardware. In any sort of cloud based software, the majority of the processing VMware Horizon DaaS multiple devicespower requirement, is located in the cloud. This cloud based offering is no different. When, a user can do the same work on their iPad device, do they really need that 4 core 16GB laptop? Probably not, Is this the entry point that systems like Google Chromebooks need to gain a foot hold in the business arena?

Other videos that discuss the new VMware Horizon DAAS product.

Click this link: VMware Horizon DAAS to read more.


Updated: April 11, 2014 — 2:08 am
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