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Hello welcome to my site. If you a returning visitor, thanks for coming back, if you are a first time visitor, thanks for stopping by. Over the next few weeks, and possibly longer I’ll be writing a series of posts that will hopefully have a few outcomes.
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First, I hope to improve my knowledge and understanding of Ruby programming and primarily Ruby on Rails programming. Secondly, I hope to have a series of articles that will act as a Ruby on Rails tutorial for others to help them move forward in becoming a Ruby on Rails developer.
My goal is to document my development of apps including
Heroku deployment, Git leveraging Bitbucket. I’ll build apps that leverage Zurb foundations as the base CSS and Grid provider. I’ll Cover topics such as authentication, web scraping, polymorphisms, nested forms and others.

The first few posts will be generic in nature and will cover building a small task management app that will allow us to create a task and close the task. We’ll be using foundations responsive grid that focuses on small screens. We’ll continue to add to the app adding icons that allow you to create a task through a modal, or close the task with a modal for a comment.

We’ll then move on to creating other apps such as a meeting manager app, a news portal consolidator, an amazon affiliate app, amongst others.

Well that is enough for now, the first post will be up in few days, so stay tuned. And if you would like to be made aware of when the new posts are added, leave a comment and check the notify me of new posts checkbox.

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