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Possible NFL playoff change

Sitting down watching the playoffs this weekend, I had a thought about another way that the NFL could make a change to the playoff scenario. The current running scenarios basically come down to the following: Bring it up to 16 teams total (8 per conference) and/or stop rewarding division winners with home games. Give the games to the team with the most wins. This weekend, that would have been San Francisco hosting, instead of Green Bay. The problem with the first option is that we have teams with 8 or less wins making into the playoffs already, this would increase the number of losing teams. The second option, places less weight on winning you division.

Now, I’d like to throw out another option. It’s a combination of the two.

First: win your division and you’re in. But, it doesn’t mean you deserve a home game; Just the right to play on.

Second: win 9 or more games and you’re in.

Third: seed within the conference based on records.

Fourth: no team is guaranteed a bye. If there are 8 teams that meet the first two points, than everyone plays the first week.

So, what are the benefits? Well, this year, the Arizona Cardinals would have made the playoffs. Over the past few years, other teams would make it. Including the 10 win NE Patriots from a few years ago would have made it. And in case your wondering, no, neither of those teams are my favorite. Let’s just say that I’m feeling “Lucky” this year. An advantage of the just let 16 teams makes it, is that if there aren’t 8 teams worthy, than they don’t make it. Being a winning team in the regular season, and you get to play on.

For the other possible scenarios.

7 teams qualify, only the highest seeded team gets a bye

9 teams qualify; well the lowest seeded team doesn’t make it. Sorry

Let me know, how wacky you think this is

Updated: January 6, 2014 — 6:34 pm
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