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Microsoft licensing 2

In a previous post, I spoke about licensing Window Server in a virtualized environment. Today, I’ll be addressing Client Access License or CAL, especially revolving around web facing servers, for Microsoft licensing. By web facing, I mean any server that services requests from any machine not owned by the firm. The underlying Windows OS license […]

ESX 4 Fault Tolerance

In the next step in virtualization evolution; VMware is introducing vLockStep. This technology is the beginning of a true active, near zero downtime clusters. David Davis reports on techtarget, that vLockStep will create a standby running image of the VM. This VM is running in step with the primary VM, any change on the primary […]

Virtualization Server Sprawl

When a firm is contemplating virtualization, there are many positives: server consolidation, improved DR, reduced energy consumption, reduced infrastructure costs, etc…. There are also negatives: increased risk due to single point of failure, additional complexity, server sprawl… Server sprawl has long been a part of the Windows Server realm, due to the overwhelming mindset of […]

IWUG and Essential Business Server presentation

Last night’s Indiana Windows Users Group (IWUG) was a web conference presented by Nick King, A Microsoft Technical manager for the Essential Business Server team. While we were sitting enjoying Dinner , Nick was sitting in Redmond Washington. What is Essential Business Server (EBS)? A Product sku designed for medium business that have one or […]

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