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WordPress Setup Series

We’ve recently started working on setting up Niche Amazon affiliate websites to help move to a 4 hour work week. While working on these, I started putting together a checklist and screen shots of what we did to accomplish this. While I’m hoping that we get some positive interaction between the site and the Amazon, […]

Kindle Paperwhite versus iPad Mini

Kindle Paperwhite versus Kindle app on Ipad Mini. I know, comparing a Paperwhite versus an iPad is borderline ludicrous. But, I’m focusing on the application with this post. What functionality is in the paperwhite versus the iPad app. How do the apps differ in usability? Quick hardware overview: The Paperwhite is a $119 device that has […]

Possible NFL playoff change

Sitting down watching the playoffs this weekend, I had a thought about another way that the NFL could make a change to the playoff scenario. The current running scenarios basically come down to the following: Bring it up to 16 teams total (8 per conference) and/or stop rewarding division winners with home games. Give the […]

Keurig Special Edition B60

I finally received a semi-approval from the wife to purchase a Keurig single cup coffee maker. I say semi-approval because I’m not sure if she was really serious when she said yes. I didn’t give her a change her mindJ, I just ran out of the door. I went with the B60.The primary reason was […]

Imaging VMware ESX Guest using ImageX

VMware ESX has the ability to clone templates, and this is a great feature when using iSCSI or FC datastores. When leveraging NFS datastores however, you lose thin provisioning on those NFS datastores. One way to get around this is to use a third party imaging software. Microsoft provides a free imaging package titled imageX. […]


This weekend was one of those weekends, spent more on Google, looking for potential fixes, than with our families. One problem was a firewall was put in place between two sites and they were not correctly configured to allow extended DNS to pass. The firewalls used DNS guard and a limit of 512 bytes on […]

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