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Keurig Special Edition B60

I finally received a semi-approval from the wife to purchase a Keurig single cup coffee maker. I say semi-approval because I’m not sure if she was really serious when she said yes. I didn’t give her a change her mindJ, I just ran out of the door. I went with the B60.The primary reason was that it can make 3 cup sizes. The other advantage is that my wife, a non-coffee drinker, can make teas and hot chocolates, just as quick. We still have our Senseo, but it doesn’t handle tea or hot chocolate, as well as the Keurig.

List price for the B60 is $199 but you can find it online and at local resellers for $149. We bought our at Kohls. They were offering scratch off tickets that could give 15, 20 or 30 percent off for Kohls Credit card holders. You also get a $10 Kohl’s cash voucher for every $50 spent, to use after Christmas. I was able to scratch off a 20%. I walked out of the store with the B60 for $120 including tax. We also got $20 Kohl’s cash. So the system basically cost us $108.

So far we’ve ran three kcups through it. The first was the Celestial Season’s Mandarin Orange Tea, made it for my wife. After adding a little sugar to it, she really enjoyed. Next I put in the Van Houtte French Vanilla. It wasn’t bad, but I probably won’t buy it in bulk. I tried a second cup using the same Kcup. The second cup was pretty weak. I could have been because I’ve been using the large mug setting on the machine. The third Kcup was the Green Mountain Nantucket Blend. This was really good. I still used the large mug setting, and the resulting cup tasted similar to a good cup of percolated coffee that you would get at a catered event.

Our Senseo is over two years old; I was just getting bored with the limited coffee selections. So far we are pretty happy with the Keurig taste. Time will tell it the quality of the system is as good as the Senseo.

Updated: December 21, 2008 — 5:06 pm


  1. Congrats on the new machine. We’ve had ours for a couple of weeks and are enjoying the variety as well.


    1. Thanks,
      Of course I had to sell it to the the Wife, as it was a useful for the whole family. But now that we have it, I think she liked the fact that she can have almost instaneous hot water/tea.

  2. G0SOU8 Very true! Makes a change to see someone spell it out like that. 🙂

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