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ESX host not responding while VMs still up

While doing a P2V, one of my ESX hosts started reporting as offline. The hostd daemon on the service console hung. Below are the following steps taken to restart the daemon. As soon as the mgmt-vmware is restarted, it immediately popped in virtual infrastructure successfully. The following steps did not cause any downtime of the virtual machines running on the ESX host.

One point it that the VMs did not restart on other nodes in the cluster, even though the node was no longer responsive. This is probably due to the esx host service console still responded to pings. Oh well, no downtime for the guest VMs, means no upset business units.

  • ps -auxwww|grep -i hostd
  • kill -9 <process ID>s
  • ps -auxwww|grep -i hostd
  • cd /var/run/vmware
  • rm watchdog-hostd.PID vmware-hostd.PID
  • ps -auxwww|grep -i hostd
  • ps -auxwww|grep -i hostd
  • service mgmt-vmware start
Updated: November 5, 2008 — 8:01 pm
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