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WordPress Setup Series | Plugin Installation

Welcome back! Today’s post will be about entering the plugins that I use for setting up my Amazon Affiliate niche websites. The goal of these posts are to help others, and myself build sites that will help them toward moving to Tim Ferris’s The 4-Hour Workweek. If you’ve followed our previous posts, you’ll have a […]

WORDPRESS SETUP SERIES – Mojo WordPress install

Welcome back for the second installment in the WordPress setup series for an Amazon affiliate niche website. In this installment, we’ll be covering how to use the installer that provides an integration point for. You can find the post, on how we setup the domain here. The outcome will be a base WordPress […]

WordPress setup series – bluehost setup

Welcome to the first post in the wordpress setup series for an Amazon affiliate niche site. This post will be focusing around the bluehost setup. We’ll be covering from the point of assigning the domain a file system, and verifying that the site is working correctly and visible.   The first step is to log onto […]

WordPress Setup Series

We’ve recently started working on setting up Niche Amazon affiliate websites to help move to a 4 hour work week. While working on these, I started putting together a checklist and screen shots of what we did to accomplish this. While I’m hoping that we get some positive interaction between the site and the Amazon, […]

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