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Imaging VMware ESX Guest using ImageX

VMware ESX has the ability to clone templates, and this is a great feature when using iSCSI or FC datastores. When leveraging NFS datastores however, you lose thin provisioning on those NFS datastores. One way to get around this is to use a third party imaging software. Microsoft provides a free imaging package titled imageX. […]

VMware ESX 4 Storage vMotion

One of the features being updated in the next release of VMware ESX is storage vMotion. Storage vMotion was released in ESX 3.5 and while great for administrators that leverage either iSCSI or VMFS, it was of limited use to administrators leveraging NFS datastores. One benefit of using NFS datastores is the default creation of […]

VMware ESXi guest unknown (invalid)

First, A little background of my home network; I have a two system network consisting of Dell workstation. The first runs ESXi 3.5 Update 2 and the second runs Open Solaris 2008.05. I utilize the ZFS for both the root and the data drives. I use an NFS share for my ESX datastore. Well today, […]

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