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Microsoft licensing

We are beginning to go a usage audit to true-up our Microsoft licensing. For the most part, the licensing is straight forward. Use a product, get a license. Don’t use the product, don’t get a license. But where confusion creeps in is around items such as virtualization, Public web access, Clustering. In this blog I’ll […]

Virtualization Server Sprawl

When a firm is contemplating virtualization, there are many positives: server consolidation, improved DR, reduced energy consumption, reduced infrastructure costs, etc…. There are also negatives: increased risk due to single point of failure, additional complexity, server sprawl… Server sprawl has long been a part of the Windows Server realm, due to the overwhelming mindset of […]

Microsoft Remote Desktop on IPhone

As a Windows administrator, there are many times where you are out and get the emergency call that a service is down and you need to come into the office. You need to drop everything and run to the office or the datacenter. Smart phones, specifically the Apple Iphone can help out. An application WinAdmin allows […]

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