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Out of our Sprint Contract with NO ETF!!!!

We’ve been trying to get out from under das boot of Sprint for a couple of months now. On Black Friday, I did a quick search on getting out of a Sprint contract. And there it was, Sprint was going to make a change to their administrative fees and someone had used that has the […]

iPhone 3G adventures

Yesterday was my first foray into the local Apple store for support on my iPhone. While walking through a large chain electronics store, my phone displayed the phrase along the lines of, you phone can no longer send or receive phone calls, please contact support. I rebooted the phone hoping that it was just a […]

Microsoft Remote Desktop on IPhone

As a Windows administrator, there are many times where you are out and get the emergency call that a service is down and you need to come into the office. You need to drop everything and run to the office or the datacenter. Smart phones, specifically the Apple Iphone can help out. An application WinAdmin allows […]

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