VMware Horizon DAAS

VMware recently released their new Hybrid blend of the VMware Horizon, formally known as VDI, and the SAAS environments. This new product is named VMware Horizon DAAS. DAAS is the acronym for Desktop as a Service. VMware’s is a cloud based service, that allows companies that do not have the infrastructure needed to support a virtual desktop environment. Or, companies, that have calculate the total cost of ownership and came to the realization that it is as cheap to let VMware handle the infrastructure, support and backups for example.

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger introduces the VMware Horizon DAAS product in this Youtube video. Continue reading VMware Horizon DAAS

Google Drive festivities

A coworker and I ran into a situation yesterday at work. We started posting our shared todo list for requirement and process gathering on a shared gDrive spreadsheet. This is fronted by a Google form that our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) use to record any changes or updates that we need to incorporate.

As we were getting ready to start the day, we both logged in. Google greets us, with Connection restored: press click to reconnect. After searching around, the web, I found the following command: chrome://settings/cookies Continue reading Google Drive festivities

WordPress Setup Series | Plugin Installation

Welcome back!

Today’s post will be about entering the plugins that I use for setting up my Amazon Affiliate niche websites. The goal of these posts are to help others, and myself build sites that will help them toward moving to Tim Ferris’s The 4-Hour Workweek.

If you’ve followed our previous posts, you’ll have a website hosted on Bluehost.com with a default WordPress setup. This post will cover installing plugins that are available through wordpress.com, as well as plugins that need to be uploaded from your local desktop. Continue reading WordPress Setup Series | Plugin Installation

WORDPRESS SETUP SERIES – Mojo WordPress install

Welcome back for the second installment in the WordPress setup series for an Amazon affiliate niche website. In this installment, we’ll be covering how to use the mojo.com installer that Bluehost.com provides an integration point for. You can find the post, on how we setup the domain here. The outcome will be a base WordPress install with a new strong admin password. Continue reading WORDPRESS SETUP SERIES – Mojo WordPress install

Missed schedule WordPress

I woke up this morning and noticed some scheduled posts had been missed on one of my sites. Logging into the admin console, I found missed schedule WordPress under the scheduled date.

The following site, wpbeginer had seen the missed schedule wordpress error as well. The site suggested using  the wp-missed-schedule plugin.

A quick plugin install, and the posts are published as expected. no more missed schedule WordPress. Luckily I caught it before I was to back logged and spammed twitter and Facebook.

WordPress setup series – bluehost setup

Welcome to the first post in the wordpress setup series for an Amazon affiliate niche site. This post will be focusing around the bluehost setup. bluehost setupWe’ll be covering from the point of assigning the domain a file system, and verifying that the site is working correctly and visible.


The first step is to log onto bluehost.com. If you do not already have an account, feel free to click on the link and create an account. Continue reading WordPress setup series – bluehost setup

WordPress Setup Series

We’ve recently started working on setting up Niche Amazon affiliate websites to help move to a 4 hour work week. While working on these, I started putting together a checklist and screen shots of what we did to accomplish this.

While I’m hoping that we get some positive interaction between the site and the Amazon, it is  being used as much as a learning tool, as much as extra income generation.

Here are some of the tools and providers that we are using for the WordPress setup:

Web provider: Bluehost.com

WordPress installer tool: mojo

WordPress theme: gamepress

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools


Posts in the WordPress setup series:

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Kindle Paperwhite versus iPad Mini

Kindle Paperwhite versus Kindle app on Ipad Mini. I know, comparing a Paperwhite versus an iPad is borderline ludicrous. But, I’m focusing on the application with this post. What functionality is in the paperwhite versus the iPad app. How do the apps differ in usability?

Average Rating:
total customer reviews...

Average Rating:
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Quick hardware overview: The Paperwhite is a $119 device that has one purpose; to display eBooks. It is a 6” device that is not overly fast, but it only needs to be fast enough to swipe to the next page in the book. It does not have an app store, but it does have a beta browser for surfing the web in glorious greyscale.

The iPad mini starts at $299, for last years 16GB model and climbs to $829 for a 128GB LTE enabled mini-beast iPad Mini with Retina Display. Both last years model, and the Retina Display model will obviously outpace the Paperwhite in that the Pixel count is significantly higher, and well the iPads are color devices. Speed wise, last years model will continue to be fast enough to swipe to the next page, but also let you play a game, surf the web etc, in reasonable performance.

One key difference in the Paperwhite and iPad mini hardware is the battery life. The iPad mini will get roughly 10 hours of normal usage per Apple. The Paperwhite has a claimed 8week battery life with the WIFI turned off, and only 30 minutes of reading a day. This is important, for when the kids are using the device. They do not always, charge as often as they should; and you do not know that, until you take off for a cross-country drive.

Kindle reader software differences: There are four major software differences between the Paperwhite reader software and the iPad Kindle software. The first is that, obviously, the iPad will allow the reader to view embedded pictures in color where appropriate. While, reading most books, this won’t be an issue. But, if you are reading a magazine or a text book, this could cause issues.

The second difference is that that IPad will allow you to read in both landscape and portrait mode. The Paperwhite will only allow you to read in portrait mode. This is useful in those times, you want to see a bit more information than can be displayed on a single page in portrait mode. This is probably a feature that will get more usage on the full size iPads, than the mini, but that is my personal opinion.

Average Rating:
total customer reviews...

Average Rating:
total customer reviews...

The third difference, is that the Paperwhite links to the goodreads website. This is a social media website, where you can find out what others think of books, have virtual book clubs, and record your thoughts on a book. You can read more about the integration here, on the goodreads website.

The final difference between the Paperwhite reader and the iPad is that the Paperwhite supports a limited version of the Kindle Free Time functionality. the Free time functionality allows the parent to limit what books the child is allowed to read. You can have different accounts for the kids, so each child can have a different list of age appropriate reading material. The Free Time app, also can set a time limit on when, and for how long the child can read. While, letting a child read is almost always a good thing. Sometimes, you have to say “stop, go to bed.” With Free Time, you don’t need to have that argument, the application plays Bad Cop.

Final Thoughts: My wife and I are avid Apple fans, iphones, Macbooks, Apple TV, iPad 2 and iPad Mini. But, we chose the Paperwhites for our children. It was a tough decision, but in the end, we were concerned that they would spend more time playing games, than reading. We might in the future revisit, but for now, we are satisfied with our decision. While our older son, has been avid reader, since he could read; our younger son, not so much. Now, he is reading considerably more and his vocabulary is increasing.

Here is a link to the Paperwhite on the Amazon site. Read the reviews, and given the right situation, the Paperwhite outshines the iPad Mini.

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