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VMware Horizon DAAS

VMware Horizon DaaS multiple devices

VMware recently released their new Hybrid blend of the VMware Horizon, formally known as VDI, and the SAAS environments. This new product is named VMware Horizon DAAS. DAAS is the acronym for Desktop as a Service. VMware’s is a cloud based service, that allows companies that do not have the infrastructure needed to support a […]

Google Drive festivities

A coworker and I ran into a situation yesterday at work. We started posting our shared todo list for requirement and process gathering on a shared gDrive spreadsheet. This is fronted by a Google form that our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) use to record any changes or updates that we need to incorporate. As we […]

Missed schedule WordPress

I woke up this morning and noticed some scheduled posts had been missed on one of my sites. Logging into the admin console, I found missed schedule WordPress under the scheduled date. The following site, wpbeginer had seen the missed schedule wordpress error as well. The site suggested using  the wp-missed-schedule plugin. A quick plugin install, and […]

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